• This is a virtual gift that we hope you'll buy as a treat for our rescued animals. Our monkeys love toys of all shapes and sizes - they adore puzzles, toy cars, tyres, ropes and balls.
  • When you select this virtual gift, you’ll be donating a big tasty cake to the monkeys at Monkey Haven. Our animals love tucking into our Keepers' home-baked cake, which is packed with nutritious ingredients. The recipe is a closely guarded secret but includes mashed banana or peanut butter, instead of butter, honey instead of sugar, and herbs and dried fruit for an added flavour sensation.
  • Our monkeys follow an ultra healthy diet, but also need supplementary vitamins to keep them in tip top shape. It's particularly important for our rescued creatures, as many of them had a poor diet and were badly treated, before we gave them their 'forever' home.
  • When you select this virtual gift, you'll be donating three stripy hammocks to the primates at Monkey Haven. Our animals love these super hammocks - Kajan the gibbon likes using hers as a climbing frame and getting up to all kinds of ninja tricks.