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Welcome to Monkey Haven

We’re currently closed but can’t wait to see you at February half term.

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This short film has been entered into the 2021 Charity Film Awards. These awards are decided by the public, and it would mean the world to us if you could watch, support and vote for our entry.


We’re the Isle of Wight’s award-winning primate rescue centre. A place to relax, have fun in the fresh air and meet some amazing animals.

Our sanctuary is for animals in need of care and attention. You’ll learn all about these fascinating creatures, their personalities, and how they came to be at the Haven. Many were rescued from tragic situations, found tied up in airports, or badly neglected by their previous owners.

 We rescue and rehabilitate owls that have injuries and wouldn’t survive in the wild. And we also look after reptiles and a mob of meerkats. Come and say hello.


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Monkeys, Owls, Meerkats, Reptiles & creepy crawlies

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Text "CAP" to 70085 to donate £5 to out Capuchin appeal
Text "CAP" to 70085 to donate £5 to out Capuchin appeal

“Wonderfully cared for animals, in a beautiful setting, totally recommended.”

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Meet the Cotton-top Tamarins

Cottontop tamarins are critically endangered, due to extensive deforestation and the illegal pet trade, with only a few thousand remaining. 

Mary, Mungo and Midge used to be pets and were found in a terrible condition. Their owner was a compulsive hoarder, who crammed 180 monkeys into her house in France. Our Cotton-Top Tamarins were among the lucky few survivors. These monkeys are much loved by us all, and against the odds, now display normal behaviour.

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Make an animal happy

By adopting an animal you will be supporting their upkeep for a whole year.

Swing by and meet the family
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